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A group of us went to Audubon just for the late evening. We caught 8 'eyes in total, and a smallie. They were deeper than we expected, in about 20 fow. Jigging spoons and minnows mostly.
The North Lake had a bunch of open water, but where we were was 2+ feet of ice. The ice was certainly soft and auger'd up in cubes.
Guessing it will go fast now.

A lot of folks around the culvert. We were more in the Velva Point area.
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Lake Audubon


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Fished the Turtle Lake ramp area Friday evening J. Caught 3 walleye, 3 perch, 1 pike...all fish caught in 15 to 18 fow. Hoping by Easter weekend (2 weeks) we'll be able to at least get a jon boat in on Audubon somewhere! Gonna get the boat out of storage next weekend...hope I don't jinx us!

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  2. Rezleb's Avatar
    Is that North Lake good for walleye??

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  3. Retired Educator's Avatar
    Don't have any idea what precautions you used and how you traveled but when you say "A group of us went to Audobon" it's not a very good message when we are all supposed to be social distancing. The latest I've heard is groups should be limited to anyone who lives in the same household. Even if going out for necessities stay away at least 6 ft.

    Don't know it it's all overkill but I don't want to be responsible for spreading it to someone else of contacting it from someone else. Is it getting boring, absolutely, but trying to be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you went in separate vehicles with family members only in each vehicle and kept quite a ways apart while fishing you should be fine. Thanks for the report but let's all be careful in our actions and comments.

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