Devils lake Ice

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Thinking about heading to Devils Lake for the weekend, just wondering if anyone knows how the ice is? Thanks
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Devils Lake


  1. riverview's Avatar
    are you dumb?

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  2. Bowhunter_24's Avatar
    It's good. Snobears and side by sides all over

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  3. sl1000794's Avatar
    If the ice is not good go to Nunavut!

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  4. Ice's Avatar
    Thanks bowhunter!!

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  5. nybs's Avatar
    Good luck & be safe. I was at our cabin on Sakakawea last week - shorelines were going and it was muddy within 20’ of the ice so I picked rocks w the kids...

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  6. espringers's Avatar
    Yesterday truck travel seemed like an option to be honest. But, I passed.

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  7. Bowhunter_24's Avatar
    We drove a pickup out today to fish.

    In unrelated news, I had to log in for the first time in forever because I'm on an actual computer. My phone is at the bottom of Devils Lake....

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  8. nybs's Avatar
    Oh no....that sucks bad.

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  9. Retired Educator's Avatar
    Why is it that when ice-fishing, damn near anything you drop will end up going down a hole?

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  10. RPNLPS's Avatar
    Any up dated ice conditions?

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