hazelton RAMP report

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ramp is iced in again. wind blew a bunch of sheet ice up into ramp area
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Missouri River


  1. Allen's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads-up!

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  2. mikef's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Allen
    Thanks for the heads-up!
    did put a big boat in at the desert. prolly best going to west side ramp for now though

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  3. H82bogey's Avatar
    Was at Hazelton yesterday and had no problem getting on and off the water.

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  4. Flannel's Avatar
    Got my limit at Hazelton yesterday as well. A little dicey at the ramp but not a huge deal for us

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  5. Allen's Avatar
    Yep, I too put in at Hazelton. LOTS of ice floating around, but the ramp was usable. Be careful when up on plane, some of those chunks of ice are pretty good sized.

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  6. v193's Avatar
    Fish are on fire at Hazleton!!

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  7. Ristorapper's Avatar
    Big fiasco at the Desert ramp today. We drove up and there was a big 21' skeeter, 300 hp bogged down at waters edge on the trailer at the ramp. Two trucks hooked up to the GMC towing the Skeeter. Still couldn't move that heafty beoch. Told the operator he'd be better off unloading the boat and taking it south to load at another ramp. We're gonna tear up some shit if we try to get the entire rig towed outta that hole he dug before I got there. Took 4 guys pushing and a 18 foot skeeter in the water to get that beast off the trailer after numerous tries. Then it took all of the two trucks hooked up to get that Gmc and trailer out of the hole he dug for himself. Uffda. nice rig but I'd not be loading a big boat/bunk trailer out of that ramp until it is opened up a bit. He had the trailer tongue high centered on a bar running across at the ramp. Next 16 foot alum loaded ok with roller trailer i might add and an 1880 ranger came off ok but he had to stay south of the hole the previous guy dug to get his rig out. What a mess. If i had a big nice rig/bunk trailer I'd stay away from that ramp until you can vouch it has been taken care of.

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    Updated 04-07-2020 at 07:05 PM by Ristorapper
  8. BDub's Avatar
    I was there today about 6. That is a poor idea of a ramp. The river is really low.

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  9. zoops's Avatar
    Tough part of the river with either the current hitting the shore or sandbars piling up. They might have been better off building a good wing dam above the original ramp (the original ramp & parking lot were really getting eaten up after the 2011) a few years ago but would guess that'd be pretty big $. Guess if you really want to fish that stretch of river you could add 20 minutes to your drive and go over to the Mandan side to launch.

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