Good friday!!

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29.5" 8.7 lbs We put in at Ft. Rice fished around noon to 6:30. Kept 6 released about 6 including the Big Mama.

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Lake Oahe


  1. Sum1's Avatar
    You’re to honest. At 29.5 most would have rounded up to at a 10lber.

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  2. Davey Crockett's Avatar
    I thought it was a misprint. Good fish.

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  3. Rowdie's Avatar
    I think it was a good scale. Borrowed another boats scale, looked like a nice one. Never know how accurate they are though.

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  4. Bob Erfish's Avatar
    Well done!

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  5. RPNLPS's Avatar
    Nice catch!!!!

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  6. R@nger_BO@TS's Avatar

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  7. Ristorapper's Avatar
    congratulations on the PB!! nice fish

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  8. SDMF's Avatar
    A year ago you coulda rolled video of that thing towing the bathtub. . Congratulations on a great fish!

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  9. Rowdie's Avatar
    LOL the bathtub has brought in bigger if you can believe it, just not by me!

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  10. Allen's Avatar
    See what happens when you upgrade to sparkles?

    Congrats, I've caught nothing but decent eater sized eyes and sturgeon in that hole you were fishing. I was in the blue Lund with my kids.

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  11. Allen's Avatar
    oh yeah, and the Daught caught a nice catfish there as well.

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  12. JayKay's Avatar
    Dandy fish!

    Putting a tape on it is easy enough, but scales can be wildly inaccurate. Captain Ahab goes by this formula, for weight, and it's apparently very accurate. Close enough for me, anyhow.

    girthXgirthXlength divided by 800.

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  13. Rowdie's Avatar
    The boat I borrowed minnows from had a longer measuring stick. The one I have was the only one they had in the store when I got one. It's 24" and you can't see the FN lines on it. I have a feeling it's gonna end up at the bottom of the lake. These new digital scales are pretty accurate. Just weigh a few 20 oz bottles and test out your scale. All the newer ones I've tested are dead on.

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  14. shadow's Avatar
    Great fish, glad to see you let it go to grow and make babies! I agree many scales are very inaccurate, last weekend a guy sent me a picture with a walleye maybe 20 inches but the scales said 8.9 Pounds, I don't think so!

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  15. JayKay's Avatar
    Very roughly, it's been my experience that a 25" fish is about 5 lbs. On average. Some over some under. Of course, everybody is catching 25" fish that weigh far more than that.

    28" fish is 8 lbs
    30" fish could be 10 lbs.

    And so on...

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