West Sakakawea

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The wife, our daughter, and I headed out fishing this evening. We were west of White Earth a ways. We fished in 7-12 fow for the most part. Drifting/jigging a jig and minnow seemed to be the best for us. My 7 year old daughter had a hay day with a bottom bouncer and a green smile blade with a minnow on it. She schooled us today, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We had a solid day for walleye, and slaughtered the white bass.

It was a great day that the wife and I will always remember.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. tikkalover's Avatar
    Nice!! Love it when the kiddo's out fish the adults!

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  2. ndfinfan's Avatar
    We were there yesterday as well V...did ok, found water temps 51-53 in the White Earth area...also fished Little Knife...water cooler tho...only caught one in that area...we got off the water as the rain/sleet started! Glad we got out yesterday...might be a week or so before she warms back up!

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  3. 5575's Avatar
    Crazy Wednesday the water temp was 64.5 around tobacco.

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  4. Vollmer's Avatar
    I’m hoping things are cookin’ closer to New Town by next weekend.

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