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Van Hook - Father's Day Wknd

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MORE NoDak wind.... Arrive Thursday evening and went out Fri/Sat/Sun. Fish are scattered and I didn't have any data of where the fish had previously been located. Started out going many sunken islands and shorelines. We were able to mark some groups and get one or two here/there but then they moved away.

Didn't get to harvest much the first two days until we found a deeper sunken island (25'-31' deep) and there they were. Finished up with smiles on our faces Saturday afternoon and returned Sunday morning. Everything we kept were 16"-20" and I released on after a photo that measured 25". Also had to keep one on Sunday morning when it swallowed faster than I could get the hook set. Couldn't put it in the water even though the pelicans were scooping up all kinds of dinner that day.

The ticket that won over all other rig choices was the snell hook and bead, with a bright yellow propeller, tipped with a leech. It won out 4 to 1 over other choices of bait and blades.

Van Hook resort is a freakin' zoo! Talk about 5,000 people in such a small location. Partiers going to 2am and kids driving golf carts with zero care for vehicles. We almost hit a group of three boys when they pulled out right in front of us as we were taking a left turn. I about jumped out of the truck and had a small come to Jesus meeting with them.

Is Dawn's husband a lil' bit strange??
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Tillerman2095's Avatar
    Hopefully someone will win the bid and get those two outta there. I havent had any good experiences with those two.

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  2. 628977's Avatar
    Justin and Dawn run the best resort on the lake. Bait shop has everything a guy could want, resort is always clean and maintained, they are super friendly and will take any request you have seriously. If you havnt had a good experience with them you were more than likely in the wrong. Wish all the camp grounds on sakakwea offered as much as they do. Van Hook wouldnt be as busy if the other camp grounds had what they have. I hope they run it until they physically can't anymore.

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  3. v193's Avatar
    Dawn and Justin to a fantastic job, the park is clean, and the bait shop is great. They are not those kids parents or law enforcement. They have a park to run and they do a great job at it. You expect them to take care of 5000 boaters and police the park so you can have a weekend vacation? Best of luck with that!

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  4. Up Y'oars's Avatar
    Not saying they're a problem. Where did I make that inference?? I'd say PARENTS are the problem (three 10yo driving a golf cart), way too many vehicles coming/going to have that young of age driving recklessly.

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