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Went up to parshall bay for the weekend. 5-10 dinks per keeper fish. We never did find the bigger 20 + fish. We kept our 40 eaters both days in a few hours. slow death and worms.
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Lake Sakakawea


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  1. jdinny's Avatar
    thats about par for the course i would say. we caught our keepers friday through sunday but had to sort through lots of dinks.
    did manage find a 25" and 26" both of those came deep. 30+ Both of those came way south in the arm south of 8lb near the corner to pouch. i would say the quality of fish is better further south in my opinion.

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  2. jdinny's Avatar
    say a couple paddle fish jump and even had one within i would estimate 15 yards as the kids were swimming by the boat.

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  3. Donnyo's Avatar
    People like this that’s going to destroy this lake, you really need to keep 40 fish. It’s a damn shame.

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  4. Bowhunter_24's Avatar
    I kept 10 fish out of sakakawea this summer. I feel terrible

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  5. Twitch's Avatar
    I don’t think a lake the size of Sakakawea is going to get fished out by a group of guys keeping a couple limits of fish....sheesh

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  6. 8andcounting's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Donnyo
    People like this thats going to destroy this lake, you really need to keep 40 fish. Its a damn shame.
    because a group of guys got together and each guy kept 5 fish per day for 2 days ???? Good grief

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  7. 8andcounting's Avatar
    Nice fish bow hunter. Those will fry well

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  8. Donnyo's Avatar
    Yea they said same thing about red lake, leach lake, millacs lake. Plus math does not add up 5 fish per 2 guys for 2 days does not equal 40 fish. But what do I know keep taking fish and we can wait to see what happens.

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  9. Donnyo's Avatar
    Plus I’m not saying you can’t go out and take fish, all I’m trying to say is respect the lake 40 fish though come on. Just think of the guys that pull 40 fish daily out of that lake. The hundreds that do that daily.

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  10. Bowhunter_24's Avatar
    Well there was 8 of us. We kept our limit of 5 each. That’s 40 fish.

    we ate fish Saturday night and it was delicious. We each took 5 home. So ya. We needed to keep that many.

    we fish there one weekend a year.

    if two guys go out and keep 10 is that terrible too? Just wondering

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  11. jdinny's Avatar
    whats sad is all the internet shaming and shaming at cleaning stations etc.

    i brought some fish last summer to the grinder as i clean them at the cabin and grind them at the fish cleaning station and a guy told me couple of those are a little small to keep dont ya think. i said well couple of those came in 35ft+ and their eyes and bladders were out, i figured instead of wasting a 12" fish i would keep it towards are limit and enjoy them. not sure he even knew what i was talking about.

    Bowhunter hope you enjoyed the weather, i took the wife and 3 young boys out started at gull, ricks, fox, 8lb, hit a beach and fished around independence and then made the trip back to van hook was a great Friday with many fish caught, the 5 year old reeled a 26" walleye in by himself and we got it all on video so makes it even that much more special.

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  12. Donnyo's Avatar
    This is not internet shaming, I was not born yesterday I see it at every cleaning station. Guys pulling limit after limit daily thinking they are big and macho for going to the cleaning station with limits of fish. I’m sorry I have to much respect for the sport of fishing and only take what I want to eat because I know I can always go back and catch more. I’m sorry I have the opinion let the next guy catch some fish. All I’m saying is keep yanking fish out and when we have to wait 5 years to walleye fish don’t say I dident warm you. But I will guarantee it wont be at at my hands.

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  13. Twitch's Avatar
    It is internet shaming pure and simple. You just started chewing ass before you even had a clue the situation. Turns out 8 guys kept a limit over two days just like they have a right too. Unfortunately we live in a time where everyone wants to push their ideals on everyone else without one damn bit of info. Looks like a fun couple days was had by you guys @Bowhunter_24. Don’t let one jealous couch game warden ruin a great trip in the future

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  14. Bowhunter_24's Avatar
    So if you take out 50 fish over the course of a summer it’s better for the fishery then me keeping 10 over a weekend. Got it.

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  15. Twitch's Avatar
    By the by if those “macho” people are taking just their limit the law allows then sounds like your bitch is with the laws not the fisherman and women. Sour grapes blech

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  16. Snapper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Donnyo
    People like this thats going to destroy this lake, you really need to keep 40 fish. Its a damn shame.
    pits not every day people catch limits. Ive been fishing the lake many, many years and about 60% of the time we will not catch a limit. And believe me there are many of them times where its 3 or less. Were not bad Fisherman we just like to be out there enjoying the relaxation and scenery, catching fish is a bonus. It does get costly so, for those who get out and keep limits of fish, thats a good thing and great fish stories too I bet. I love Lake Sakakawea and the fish will always be there but, it does get tough out there more times than not. Great fishing Bowhunter_24.

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  17. ndfinfan's Avatar
    ND Game & Fish evaluate numbers/size in all stocked lakes regularly...but they pay particular attention to Sakakawea/Devils/Audubon because of the stocked numbers. If there was a concern about the future of the fishery, me thinks our daily limit for walleye would drop from 5 to 4. Right now they do not feel the daily limit needs to be modified...believe they are also comfortable not having slots for walleyes.

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  18. Sluggo's Avatar
    Good work, bowhunter.

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  19. 701Rounder's Avatar
    Today was my 19th trip to sakajawea. Shall I post freezer pics so his head explodes?

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  20. eyexer's Avatar
    Comparing fishing sak with rod and reel to netting on red lake and Mille lacs lol. Now that’s a smart fucking guy there lol

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