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Dumped the Toon in at Dakota Waters yesterday morning and headed west. Stopped in at Renner and Beaver Creek bays for a little while with not much to talk about for action. Saw lots of boats and only a few fish being caught. We were pulling crawlers on spinners in 13-30 ft of water in a search pattern. With just one fish in the well, we headed to the north shore to see if the wind was blowing the bite that direction. Uh, nope. We fished from Nishu over to Indian Hills. While we got a few bites on crawlers, it was SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. Ended up throwing on some cranks and pulled them in 13-20 ft of water along the mudlines between Indian Hills and Nishu. Caught several pike and a couple walleyes. Overall a very disappointing day.

Updated 07-13-2020 at 09:43 AM by Allen

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  1. Allen's Avatar
    Oh yeah, also lost a drift sock in Beaver Creek Bay, just to put a little salt in the wound.

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  2. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    Sounds very familiar based on my outing over the 4th. Thanks for posting the report. On the bright side, at least you won’t need to worry about getting chastised for keeping a legal limit

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  3. Buckmaster81's Avatar
    We were at Beulah Bay and ran over to Nishu and it was dead as dead could be over there. We did pickup a few walleye in beulah bay and between beulah and Dakota waters along the cliffs...

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  4. Brian Halse's Avatar
    If you want another sock, you can have mine. Haven't used it in years, don't even keep it in the boat anymore. Worked good for my Tyee, just a pain to use.

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  5. Allen's Avatar
    Brian, just let me know how to go about getting that sock from you. I don't use them often, but there are days they really help on the Toon.

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