Parshall Bay - Sakakawea

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The wife and I had a weekend without the kiddos, so we headed for the cabin to do a bit of fishing. We told ourselves that we were only going to fish new spots, instead of our same ole' same ole'. We ended up fishing way up in 'The Hook'. We had enough wind to drift, so we each drifted with a bouncer and a crawler, while each of us also drift jigged with a 1/4 oz jig and a plastic. The jig and plastic was the better producer on both days, and the weekend kicked out a better class of fish for us, while also providing us with some lunch.
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Lake Sakakawea


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    you musta been up around us this wknd.
    we were pulling cranks in that 10-12ft range and doing real well but watched boats jigging, slow death anythign really do well. lotta smaller fish still being caught but twhen a guy sorted through fish the quality is better for sure just takes some sorting.

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