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Sakakawea - Beulah Bay

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With the water warmed up things have been spectacular. Fishing had been a little more shallow earlier in July and now seem to be a bunch deeper.

I was out yesterday evening from 3:30 - 6:30 and had my limit and a few catch & release to enjoy the gorgeous evening and light breeze. I started out in 21' and realized I was marking more fish as I moved deeper toward 25', then caught my first fish at 18". Again I moved a little more out and caught another right away at 27'. By the time I turned around and made my return pass I was filled up with the last one in the live well at 29'.

It's almost to the point that it's time to remove the 1-1/2oz bouncer and move up to the 2oz rig.

Slow death rigs with a bigger yellow bead and the yellow propeller has been going gangbusters. Speed has been pretty consistent between 0.7mph to 1.0mph.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Buckmaster81's Avatar
    Sweet hopefully headed out there tomorrow I imagine it will be a zoo this weekend...

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  2. Paddledogger's Avatar
    I’m sure it will be with the tournament going on. Sure haven’t heard of anyone using husky jerks yet this year. One good sign is that with all of the small walleyes being caught and tossed back, we’re going to have a strong keeper class of fish in a year or two

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