Salmon - 07/25/20

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Was out today with my dad from approx. 6am to noon. No fish in boat, but we did have some action this morning. Had 4 releases and missed one. All these came with darker greens on the flasher and blue on a needle fish in 145-ish fow. One weight set to 75' and the other at 100'. Did talk to a gentleman briefly on our way by and he caught 1 small one so far at that time. A boat at the fish cleaning station with downriggers mounted on it, but didnt get to see the catch tho.

The rod set to 100' had one of those multi-colored 'cyclone' flashers, with the spinning center piece. This rod got 4 out of the 5 hits today. Would've moved the other weight deeper but it only had about 85' of cable on it unfortunately.

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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Landed 2, lost 1 trying to net it.
    2 on White flasher/blue and a herring.
    1 on White glow flasher and white glow needle fish.
    All 3 @ 75-85 feet. Fish hawk said 56 degrees.
    Talk to 2 other boats that had landed 2 each.
    Good luck

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  2. Trollneyes's Avatar
    Good to hear they are picking up a bit now. Was out the afternoon of the 24th and 2 other days before and only a skipjack to show for it. I pulled flasher/needlefish and cutplugs stacked in 50-100 over 130-170. Have played around a little with herring last year but didn’t really give it much effort before I went back to the tried and true. I have had some success putting a herring fillet on a needlefish.

    Trolldeep, (or any others that care to chime in) how far behind a flasher do you run herring? Do you use a hood or teaser head? Whole herring or strips? Any info is very much appreciated. Picked up some red label herring at Scheels and would like to try and incorporate it into my program with some starting point and confidence from the “master baiters”!!😂

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  3. rapala_09's Avatar
    A lot of times I will either run a dodger about 3 feet in front of the herring or a naked herring. I almost never use a flasher with herring, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I just don't do it.
    If I WAS going to run a flasher/herring set up, i'd probably start it about 4-5' behind the flasher and see how the action is.

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  4. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Trollneyes FYI my go to is a needle fish and flasher.
    I’m not sure if I do it properly but I run a hood with the herring and set it back about 4-5’ from a 8” flasher or a small dodger. Other times I run the flasher off the ball and stack the herring 5-10’ feet above the ball.

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  5. Trollneyes's Avatar
    Appreciate the input guys! I typically run 2.0-2.2 mph (SOG) when running flasher/needles. What speed do you typically run herring and do you fish them straight out of the pack or brine them?

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  6. ccbartuska's Avatar
    Thanks for the additional feedback! I used a herring for the first time on Sat, same'ole setup I usually put out there with a 11" flasher 13' behind the weight, not knowing any better. Used a hood to secure herring as well, but no action at all on this rod so changed it to a needle fish. I usually target that 2-2.2mph as well so curious on that as well. Thanks everyone!

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  7. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    I run my herring behind a flasher just like my needle fish or squid. It seems to work ok, but my go to is same old white flasher with a glow white or mother of pearl needle fish. have had some success on slower days dropping down a husky jerk or shadow rap into the mix and run it about 10-15' further out than everything else.

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