Sakakawea and crank baits

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What are you guys using for your cranks on the big lake. Which lure is your best producer? I have been having very little success with cranks in my box. Advice needed. Thank You all
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Pull #7, 9, 11 Flicker Minnows depending on depth. Also have good luck with Storm deep divers...20 to 30 fow. I usually start out in 15 fow and slide 5 ft deeper every hour or so...but I try to be out on the water this time of year before 7am. Yesterday the wife and I didn't get out on the water until after 3...started looking for fish in 25 to 30 fow. Caught a nice 19 inch within the first 30 mins pulling a #11 Flicker in almost 30 fow. Just have to experiment with color/depth/speed...have fun!

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  2. 701FishSlayer's Avatar
    Flicker minnows flat out work on sakakawea.

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  3. eyexer's Avatar
    Caught em on reef runners in 28-30’ today

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  4. Sotaman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by eyexer
    Caught em on reef runners in 28-30 today

    How do you get that deep?

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  5. Traxion's Avatar
    Reef Runners Deep Little Rippers, Flicker Minnows#9/11, and Bomber 24A's. 1oz snap weight 20' in front will take the Deep Little Rippers or Bombers to near 30'. All have done well for me on Sak.

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  6. Bob Erfish's Avatar
    White #9 and #11 flicker minnow. It’s all you need.

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  7. eyexer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sotaman
    How do you get that deep?
    very easy. 800 series. 10lb fireline and 180 out I can drag bottom

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  8. Bauer's Avatar
    Are your line counters calibrated? There is such a thing. You can do a test by using a 25' tape measure, start at your rod tip, clear your counter, pull out the 25'. If your LC doesn't read 25' you need to calibrate by adding or removing line (most cases add line). You may not be running the correct depth!

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  9. eyexer's Avatar
    It’s really not that important as long as you go back out the same distance. You’ll learn in a hurry what depths each crank is running. Just make note of the meter reading. I had a couple that read in meters once. Your just looking to be able to duplicate

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