Mid sak 7/30

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Took some youths out today, seems like kids always bring luck to the boat! Must have caught close to 50 by noon, plain snell and spinners. Started out at 14 and they slid out to 25 by noon, good times!
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. shorthairsrus's Avatar
    thumbs up!!!!

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  2. Skullet's Avatar
    Nice work. Love the smiles on their faces!

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  3. DirtyMike's Avatar
    yeah but what about that lund that slid off the trailer?

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    Uh Oh.....sounds like good news bad news day

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  5. 5575's Avatar
    Wasn't mine, but it didn't do anything at all to the boat. Landed on the skag and it didn't break. Couple guys lifting and one cranking and back on she went!

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    Updated 07-31-2020 at 05:05 PM by 5575
  6. Retired Educator's Avatar
    Roller trailer? Have seen that happen. Kind of funny unless it's you winching it back on.

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  7. Retired Educator's Avatar
    That is going to be some good eating, not to mention memories.

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  8. 5575's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Retired Educator
    That is going to be some good eating, not to mention memories.

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  9. Ponyroper's Avatar
    I'm sure they learned a lot about fishing. I certainly did when I went with you.

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  10. 5575's Avatar
    Just me and my much better half went out Sat and Sun, had allot of fun.

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