Lake Ashtabula - Fishing Report 9/18 - 9/20/2020

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What's up to all the NoDak Anglers!
I hope everyone has been safe and been fishing a lot in a time like this. I just want to provide an update if anyone has been thinking about getting out:

My oldest son and I made a last minute weekend run to the amazing Lake Ashtabula this weekend. Here's the weather condition:

Temperature: Low 60's during the morning and nights. Low 70's during the peak
Water Temp: 60 degrees to high 50's.
Wind: 5-8mph in the morning. Wind gust got too high in during the prime time to the evening.
Area fished: Spot 1 - At the crossing, Spot 2 - Sibley bridge, Spot 3 - North of Sibley fishing bays, Spot 4 - Baldwin Dam, Spot 5 - on top of the dam, Spot 6 - a bay slab center between the crossing and sibley, Spot 7 - the first bay going south of the crossing.

We got to Valley City at 3pm on Friday night. Rent a room at the Econo-lodge and started fishing by 5pm. We launched at the crossing. While scanning and fishing, we were not able to find much. We ended up making a run to the Sibley. As we got closer, the wind was horrible as we approached Sibley. We ended fishing for about 45 minutes, and as the wind picked up, we ended up driving back to the crossing. I decided to try a spot which I have not fished yet, which is spot#6 which was the only spot that produced fish that night. We found a school of white bass biting on swimbaits. We were fishing around a 6ft hump and we were picking up the fish around 8-11fow. We ended the night shortly after.

On Saturday, we grabbed some breakfast from BK and enjoyed it at the Baldwin Dam. As we ate, we planned our plan of tackle. Which we started the day at the dam - super shallow at the moment, no dams open, and no fish. We took the boat and launch the boat right above the Dam. We fished the entire shoreline (both shoreline). Found two school of bait fish but only a minimal amount of fish chasing them. We seen two fish surface, chasing the bait fish and missed a few bites. Otherwise, nothing above the Dam either. We did run into a local fishermen, who said that they are killing the Slabs(Crappies) using bottom bouncers with leechs, minnows, and crawlers. The local said that it was the best stringer of crappies that he's ever seen (15" - 16").

We ended up running down back to the crossing. Found another two balls of bait fish but nothing was biting. We stopped at the cafe by the crossing for a lunch break and new game plan. We ended up trying a bay heading south of the crossing Spot#7. My son and I finally found the smallies, which was what we were after. As soon as we got there, first cast and we hooked up with a 4lber. And you know the rest of the story after that (reference pictures).

What a beautiful weekend. We seen a handful of boats but once they ran to their hotspots, we seen no one. Great Weekend of fishing. Met some great locals at the Cafe, at the boat launch and some locals from Jamestown.
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  1. R@nger_BO@TS's Avatar
    Thanks for report

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  2. CatDaddy's Avatar
    Quite possibly one of the most detailed reports I've ever seen here - nice work!

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  3. westwolfone's Avatar
    I went there Monday and caught many Bullheads.

    Should probably post on an Iowa fishing site

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  4. ceeber's Avatar
    westwolfone: I found 3 schools of bull heads ahaha

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  5. ceeber's Avatar
    Just glad I had something to report! The kid and I just took a trip up to see what we would catch. Don’t really fall fish up in ND

    Quote Originally Posted by R@nger_BO@TS
    Thanks for report

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  6. ceeber's Avatar
    Thanks Catdaddy! Thought I shared,
    since there wasn’t much people out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by CatDaddy
    Quite possibly one of the most detailed reports I've ever seen here - nice work!

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