Anyone fishing?

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Has anyone been fishing the Missouri near state line lately??
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Missouri River


  1. eliminator's Avatar
    For what it is worth---I have not been down there but friends have been doing well down there.

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  2. Rowdie's Avatar
    Scratched out a few in Yates area last Saturday.

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  3. 5575's Avatar
    Fished the deepwater 10 mile general area Saturday, graphed allot of fish at 20-30 but they were extremely tight lipped.

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    Where's 10 mile? You mean 4 mile way out in front on the channel ??

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  5. Myk Lund's Avatar
    I was out Wed and put a LOT of miles on. Marked fish and TONS of bait from Van Hook to Deepwater Bay. 1 fish before noon. After that I found a limit plus 10 more from 19-14 (14 came from 43ft so had to take it). They are making their runs right now to their wintering holes. I will be out till I have to chip ice to get back in.

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