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Been a ugly fall bite for this guy. Tried numerous times just knowing from past experiences that this time of year it only takes that one hit to get a good one. Unfortunately that one hit has been borderline impossible up there.Will keep hammering away as long as weather holds but definitely not looking promising.
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Missouri River


  1. JayKay's Avatar
    Boy oh boy, you're not wrong. I have caught a total of 7 fish there this fall. Dismal fishing up there right now.

    I DID manage a big honker two weeks ago today. Just over 30", 10.11 lbs.

    Also caught one little guy that night.

    I've been skunked so often this fall, I haven't even bothered for a week or so.

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  2. Slacker's Avatar
    Congrats on getting a big one. I've tried mornings, sunset, midnight, and hours before sunrise with 3 fish to show all fall.Its definitely yucky up there this year for sure!

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  3. JayKay's Avatar
    This past spring was great though. Don't give up. It only takes one big one to make the entire season.

    Last spring, I landed 65 fish, with 14 being 25" and up.

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  4. Shotstring's Avatar
    Been tough for my son and I as well. We have been out half a dozen times with 2 fish to show for. We're new to Bismarck, go figure this is the fall it's slow.

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  5. JayKay's Avatar
    Don't feel too bad Shotstring, last fall wasn't stellar either. 25 years ago I definitely felt like fall was better than spring. The past 5 or 6 or 7 years though, spring has been far better than fall.

    The only way to know for sure, is to get out there and keep throwing lures.

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  6. JayKay's Avatar
    Well, took another whack at it last night. Fished from about 9 to nearly midnight. Fished south the first two hours, with no results, until I was at the very south end. Oddly enough, picked up a maybe 24" pike.

    Caught two barely-keeper sized (released them anyhow) fish just north of the steps at about 11:15 or so.

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  7. Slacker's Avatar
    Fished couple nights ago for 2 hours.Got one at 8.4 lbs. Only hit of the night, but made it well worth the trip.

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  8. JayKay's Avatar
    Excellent! Good for you. This time of the year, it seems to not be about quantity, but we are looking for that one big fish. Good job. Also, good for you for being out there in less than perfect weather.

    I've fished there many times when it was too nice, and there were people sitting around fires, drinking (littering - sometimes). Pontoons and jetskis. People more screwing around than fishing.

    I vastly prefer to fish that place when it's empty. I am rarely there when it's light out.

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  9. Slacker's Avatar
    Been out twice in the last week or so. I've got nothing and nothing to show for the 2 trips.

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  10. Slacker's Avatar
    Last effort of the year produced a big ole skunk. Waders officially retired until spring.

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