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Fished after work until dark, just a couple hours, but enough to get our 10!! Jigs n minnows on the main channel break. The bite is on. Bellies were full of shad. I wish I could have got out last week when it was nice. Hope I can get out night

We kept a couple 14 but 4 were 18" the rest 16 ish
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Lake Oahe


  1. pluggin's Avatar
    Do you know if Beaver Bay is froze up or can a boat still get out?

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  2. Kurtr's Avatar
    Destroying the down here talked to a friend who had 26 fish over 20 and 4 over 12 lbs

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  3. Rowdie's Avatar
    Holy mother of GOD!! Are they going up the Grand?

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    Pluggin There were two boats that headed north when it was time to go,, they had to be putting in at Beaver

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  5. Rowdie's Avatar
    Another 2 man limit tonight! Oh my fresh walleye again!

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  6. Retired-Guy's Avatar
    GPS coordinates?

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  7. Rowdie's Avatar
    If you go down there it's not too hard to see where the boats break ....25'-44' 4 more boats were out there tonight, I might be there tomorrow. There's a very good chance.

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  8. BDub's Avatar
    I should have been there today. But I had to go out with my wife for our anniversary.
    Bring big jigs.

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  9. WOpp's Avatar
    Where are you guys putting in at?

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  10. Rowdie's Avatar
    For Yates

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  11. Colenelson's Avatar
    @Rowdie thx for the info! I’ve never fished south of the cannonball... are most of the anglers getting there fish right around fort Yates? Or does a guy have to run a ways to find the fish?

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