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Fished after work until dark, just a couple hours, but enough to get our 10!! Jigs n minnows on the main channel break. The bite is on. Bellies were full of shad. I wish I could have got out last week when it was nice. Hope I can get out night

We kept a couple 14 but 4 were 18" the rest 16 ish
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Lake Oahe


  1. pluggin's Avatar
    Do you know if Beaver Bay is froze up or can a boat still get out?

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  2. Kurtr's Avatar
    Destroying the down here talked to a friend who had 26 fish over 20 and 4 over 12 lbs

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  3. Rowdie's Avatar
    Holy mother of GOD!! Are they going up the Grand?

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    Pluggin There were two boats that headed north when it was time to go,, they had to be putting in at Beaver

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  5. Rowdie's Avatar
    Another 2 man limit tonight! Oh my fresh walleye again!

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  6. Retired-Guy's Avatar
    GPS coordinates?

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  7. Rowdie's Avatar
    If you go down there it's not too hard to see where the boats break ....25'-44' 4 more boats were out there tonight, I might be there tomorrow. There's a very good chance.

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  8. BDub's Avatar
    I should have been there today. But I had to go out with my wife for our anniversary.
    Bring big jigs.

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  9. WOpp's Avatar
    Where are you guys putting in at?

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  10. Rowdie's Avatar
    For Yates

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  11. Colenelson's Avatar
    @Rowdie thx for the info! I’ve never fished south of the cannonball... are most of the anglers getting there fish right around fort Yates? Or does a guy have to run a ways to find the fish?

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  12. Rowdie's Avatar
    No, very short run. Find the Channel and fish the edge. Not sure if it matters much where on the channel, we focus on bends, the bends right by town. We only got 5 yesterday, well 4 really kept one that was brought up out 40' too fast. Lot more little ones yesterday. Right at sundown, I couldn't drop my line for more than 10 seconds without getting a bite. Dink attack though. Pretty slow compared to Wed. and Thur.

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  13. Kurtr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdie
    Holy mother of GOD!! Are they going up the Grand?
    the grand and in the main lake have been on fire i heard

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  14. Rowdie's Avatar
    Just an FYI.....I heard a guy tried to put in at Beaver Bay and it was iced over, he then drove to Cattail and there was a 2 inch ice sheet in front of the ramp that went out a ways. Gonna try tomorrow if its not too windy. The Yates ramp should be good to go as its out in the wind, which can really suck but at least it ices in after bays freeze up.

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  15. Rowdie's Avatar
    Another 2 man limit tonight!! And nicer fish. One 22", 2 18", and the rest were 15 n 16.

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  16. Rowdie's Avatar
    Another 2 man limit tonight!! And nicer fish. One 22", 2 18", and the rest were 15 n 16.

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  17. Rowdie's Avatar
    We only got 5 today. Partner blanked me 5- 0 strange. Slower today for some reason.

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  18. Rowdie's Avatar
    Oh, and one was 21" and shaped like a football.

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  19. R@nger_BO@TS's Avatar
    can a guy still put in at fort yates

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  20. Rowdie's Avatar
    Sorry I didn't see this until just now. Yesterday you could, but doubtful now. I pulled the dock out on Wed. Surprisingly it stayed open Thursday n Friday

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