Sakakawea Ice

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Not a report. Just curious about the ice conditions on the east end from Douglas to the highway. Anyone been out in that area?
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  1. dschaible's Avatar
    Theres ice yes, varies wildly, 0-10 inches, theres no snow on the ice so its pretty easy to read.

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    Updated 01-07-2021 at 02:44 PM by dschaible
  2. johnr's Avatar
    I am hoping to hit Skunk bay on the west side this weekend. Any ice reports there? I of course pack a pile of stuff, so I wont be hand dragging the sled, need enough ice to drive the ranger on, and a couple sleds.

    If anyone knows or has been up, thanks,

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  3. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    6”-10” in the back bays of Douglas. Open water north and east of Douglas creek boat ramp. Yes, part of bay was still open on Jan 2. Use caution.

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  4. cooter00's Avatar
    There was open water in front of skunk last week be careful I haven't ventured that area yet bear den 12 inches in the bay it was 5 on the point exiting to the south

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  5. Bauer's Avatar
    EOSDIS Worldview (nasa.gov)

    No ice from the 7 sisters west to the bridge short of back bays. You can still launch a boat into Garrison bay from the west side of Ft Stevenson as of tonight 1/10/21. Any ice in Douglas should be respected as there are likely many areas of new ice, as well as many areas of deteriorating ice depending on wind/wave action.

    Never thought I would use that map to watch the ice set in, especially in mid January.

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