East end of Sakakawea (Snake Creek)

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Fished Snake Creek area today. Went out past the last islands from the boat dock, fished in 8-30 feet. Two small perch and two small walleye all from 25-30' of water. Ice was about 6-8". Be careful if fishing this area, best to walk out. Drove over to Ft Stevenson to check it out and the lake is wide open over there. East side boat dock area at Ft Steve is froze over but that is about it. West side dock is wide open.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. tikkalover's Avatar
    Went to Bismarck this morning. Left Minot at 9. There was a guy fishing the north side of Mallard Island, quite a ways to the west, looked like he had a 4 wheeler. Came back across 83 at around 3 and he had moved farther to the east but was still there. Crazy Mother F'er.

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  2. Allen's Avatar
    Jesus...that area was open water a week ago!

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