Devils Lake- true story - lol serious

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I ventured out on the lake early saturday morning is search of a new location to set up my zach shack since its present location sucked! My buddy was going to join me but decided he would rather sleep in for a while. My first location sucked as well so moved after not marking anything and moved to a location t hat we caught Walters last winter. I was marking them but only caught one.. my buddy finally pulls up in his truck so we were both fishing out of our trucks. We ended up with 2 each at 10am and decided to move my Zack there. Decided to meet at my Zack in an hour. I was ahead of schedule so started to get zack hooked up but got stuck..damnit.. texted buddy i may need him to give me a tug to get me loose..he texted me back he got stuck going thru the catttails onto the lake..fuck!! he said he is gonna shovel and i was also... and whoever is out first would come help the other..plus i called my wife to bring our old jeep and try and get buddy out as he was at lake entrance and i was at Zack.. cluster frick..
Too shorten the story somewhat, hahah we both got unstuck... got the Zack to its new location at around 1pm, went home for a freaking nap.. buddy and his wife joined the wife and i for the evening bite from 330-630. We got our 16 more for the 20 limit and headed to fish cleaning station( which is free to the public) and home to listen to the fishing tourney drawing at 7pm.
To put frosting on the cake, Wife and i went out to Zack at 730 this morn and got our 10( 15-19 in) and cleaned and home by 1030am... i know you SOB's will say pics or it didnt happen..hhaha..but ya can't make this shit up..haha
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Devils Lake


  1. JayKay's Avatar
    All's well that ends well!

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  2. Kentucky Windage's Avatar
    This definitely didn’t happen.

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  3. Mort's Avatar
    Ok 3Roosters you can wake from you nap now...thats a nice dream you had.......

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  4. johnr's Avatar
    sounds made up

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  5. Twitch's Avatar
    This couldn’t have happened all the fish in that lake were already caught and killed in deep water by dirty tourney anglers and are now floaters

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