Dawson Steele Area ice conditions

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Planning to take some family out fishing this week and would really like to not have to trailer the 4 wheeler. After the recent super cold snap thinking ice is probably safe for pickup driving everywhere but doesn't hurt to ask.
The target lakes as of now are Sibley, Jasper, Silver, Woodhouse. Unless the tight lipped ice fishing nation is willing to break rank and point me in a different direction.....
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  1. zoops's Avatar
    Have heard 2-3 feet of ice generally speaking. Obviously has been a weird ice year so I'd be careful. Guessing the shoreline access points will be pretty soft within a couple days.

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  2. R@nger_BO@TS's Avatar
    We were fishing around mallard island yesterday and drove on with half ton truck and zack shack. Ice was probably 25-28 inches

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  3. 7mmMag's Avatar
    I wouldn't be driving a pickup on the ice anymore. Its turning bad FAST! Don't risk it, its not worth it.

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  4. Sluggo's Avatar
    I'm with 7mm.....wouldn't recommend driving on ice anymore this season. Unless you are taking family you don't like, of course, than that's different.

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  5. Rowdie's Avatar
    I am putting my ice gear away for the season. I'd stay off this weekend. 70 degrees? I think you're crazy to be out there

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