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Went out and spent a couple days on the ice last weekend on the south shore access was still really good, fishing for us was pretty slow the first night we set up in 24-26 feet the perch were stacked in there nothing big probably about 9” to 5” fish, kept the kids busy, did get one 4lb northern. The next day we moved back in the bay further and moved shallower seen a few walleyes on the camera but they weren’t taking any of the rattle baits spoons or plain hook setups however. Had a few tip up hits but no hookups. First couple inches of ice was a little honeycombed but everywhere we drilled there was 18-24” of decent ice.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Kentucky Windage's Avatar
    Great punctuation.

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  2. Jiggernaut's Avatar
    Thanks for the report!

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