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We put in at New Town yesterday. We were kind of flying blind, so we decided to start there and work our way west. It was 36 degree water at New Town. We marked just a few at sh**house, with no luck. We moved on to White Earth Bay. The water was around 41 degrees in the bay there, but it was pretty muddy. We fished in regardless for just a bit, with no luck. We tried a few other spots, then found a bunch of catfish on the electronice around the pipeline area. We caught a couple of those and moved on. We ended up out by Lund's Landing and found a lot of life, and water temps at around 43 degrees. We caught a handful of white bass, a pike, and a couple walleye. We also lost 2, very heavy, fish.
We mostly pitched jigs, while slow trolling a lindy or two, then eventually tried running cranks.

Also, for the record, every time I dipped into the bologna, we'd snag something. Often times right after the first bite. #science
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Klake's Avatar
    Thanks for the report. Hoping to get out in the next few weeks.

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  2. Allen's Avatar
    Damn, I'm getting old. I remember when running from New Town to White Earth was considered an adventure, more than just the first stop when working our way west.

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    Updated 04-22-2021 at 10:28 PM by Allen

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