Red River 5-12-21

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The water temperature has stayed fairly stable all week and is beginning to go up again with this week’s warm up. The water temperature as of this writing is 57. In some sections of the river this has the fish beginning to kick into high gear and in other sections it really has not made a big difference yet. It may be that because the river is extremely low and the lack of current is not spurring the upstream migration that we are used to most springs.

The past week fishing in deeper faster water has been the key. We still have to sort through quite a few little ones to get to the big ones. Frozen sucker has been great bait with fresh picking up more each day. Goldeyes are also working well. I think things still have room to pick up as we get warmer weather over the weekend and into next week.

As mentioned earlier the river is extremely low and caution should be exercised when boating (especially below dams) to ensure the safety you and your equipment.
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Red River


  1. espringers's Avatar
    i certainly appreciate your reports/posts. i lived there for 8 long years and fished it from shore and out of a canoe with outriggers and a trolling motor. then continued to go back a few times a year in an actual boat. kids and life have gotten in the way and i haven't been back now in at least 2 or maybe 3 years. sold the boats. so, i am living vicariously through your posts. keep it up. thanks.

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  2. guywhofishes's Avatar
    Man do I wish they were better eating.

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