Red River 5-18-21

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The water temperatures have really come up the past few days. Some sections of river are producing fish better than others. Most areas are fishing like it is mid-summer as the lack of current seems to have not sparked the catfish to make their annual upstream migration. The best spots to locate big fish have been deeper water in the middle of the channel. Move fairly quickly not staying more than 20-30 minutes unless you are on fish.

The best bait has been goldeye with sucker coming in second. There has been a lot of the picking and pecking still so use smaller baits to ensure the fish gets the hook.

The river is extremely low and caution should be exercised when boating (especially below dams) to ensure the safety you and your equipment.
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Red River


  1. Captainbrad's Avatar
    FYI- Huge rains in MN have the Drayton stretch up about 4 feet and very dirty with large debris moving fast.

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