VanHook is still HOT!

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We have been fishing the south end of the Hook, and it has been going pretty well. We went out Friday evening and found our fish in 18-23 fow. On Saturday, Micah (my daughter) and I went out around 8:00 pm. The fish had slipped out a little deeper. This time we found them in 25-27 fow. It was honestly one of my favorite fishing trups, because Micah caught her 5 in about an hour. I was still at 3! It took me another 30 minutes to get my last two, and she let me know it. Haha. I was pretty dang proud of her, and I think it was one of those trips that may contribute to her being a lifetime fishing freak!

Back to the report. I’ve heard that people are catching fish on crawlers and cranks. Trust your electronics to find the fish before wetting a line, as the fish seem to be moving around plenty.

Good luck, and get out there while it’s good!

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    Good stuff J! I fished the east end early yesterday morning...caught 2 on jigs/plastics - then switched over to cranks. Caught a lot of small fish in 15 to 20 fow...then slid out into 22 to 28 fow caught a few decent size. Water temps on east end were 66 at 6AM...got up to 72 by 2PM when I got off water. All in all pretty good day.

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