Van Hook, 7/8 and 7/10

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I fished out of the Hook on Th and Saturday. Did decent both days, on Th it was just my stepdad and I. We fished the northwest area from the RR trestle over to Littlefield's bay. Nothing big, and certainly not fast and furious but we put a limit in the well of 14-16" fish using crawlers and leeches on spinners in 18+ ft of water.

On Saturday we also had my brother-in-law with and we zipped all the way down to Shell to start the morning. Stepdad really was on his game to start the morning with a FAT 30" walleye. Ended up having to keep her as she just wasn't gong to survive. Then as regular as clock work, he caught a pair of 25" fish over the span of 20 minutes. At this point the BIL and I hadn't even had a bite. This was in 13.5 ft of water off of Shell. After 2 hours without a bite, we moved over to near where the horde of boats (38, we counted) were along the shore of Pouch. We went through the whole armada pulling spinners with leeches and crawlers without catching a fish, everyone was out in 23-28 ft of water and we only saw a couple of fish caught in over an hour. Then we moved in closer to shore where a rock jetty kind of pokes out into the lake and there we found active fish along a 150 yd stretch, even if it was kind of slow. We ended up keeping 14 fish on Saturday, nothing smaller than 16", but we really worked for them in the heat! By the time we were done, there were only 4 other boats in the area.

Best spinner of the day was a small, willow leaf shaped hammered gold with a leech (bought at the Van Hook c-store). We caught fish on others as well, but that's what the stepdad was using.

Note, while we caught our fish, there was still the flotilla of boats out in 25+ ft of water that weren't catching much. I was really surprised that nobody noticed how well we were doing and moved into the shallower water.

For those out over the week, I was on the red pontoon with the older gents.

The one question I have was I apparently was recognized at the boat landing by someone associated with the kids fishing tourney who yelled out to me, but they were too far away for me to recognize them, so if it was you....sorry but it was my turn to dunk the Toon.

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  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Great report Allen...thanks!

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  2. CatDaddy's Avatar
    Nicely done! Sounds like a good day of fishing!

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  3. R@nger_BO@TS's Avatar
    Good report

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  4. Rowdie's Avatar
    Thanks... I wish more people would report. I don't fish Sak but just enjoy reading reports. I don't expect exact spots BTW.

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  5. jdinny's Avatar
    more people did report. but when you get literally burnt at the stake for keeping too small of fish, too big of fish, too many fish , give away secret spots people stop. I had the pleasure of fishing next to V about 2-3 wknds ago at the hook. he was working his spot with family i pulled up and started working the opposite break point that extends into a deep flat. . we both had limits and kids in our boats before you know it we are crowed with 8 boats on top of us. before the other boats showed up we were boxing fish 19-20" and threw back several 23"+
    i can honestly say if people were not so quick with their tongues on this site more people would report. i stopped because the issue mentioned above literally more people hating on a guy than compliments or thank yous.

    we fished way north in the arm this past wknd. TONS of fish. 25-30+ fish days but we had to sort through those to find the eaters. depth was anywhere from 14ft -26ft for us depending on what type of fish you did, main lake structure fish were 20ft + if you still chased fish up in the bays and shoreline your looking at 14-18ft

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  6. NG3067's Avatar
    Windy bastard today, fished out of deep water, drifted the slides trying to stay in 20 ft, caught 12 eaters. Got blown off after lunch, my girls were tough. 1/2 crawler, bbouncer and spinner. Ice cream in garrison on the way home was great as usual. Deep water needs a cleaning station. End of report.

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  7. Mr. Stevenson's Avatar
    Good read Sir!

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