Van Hook or Devils

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Planning a trip up to ND next weekend looking for any reports from Devils or Van Hook Thanks
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  1. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    Such a loaded question:

    1. What’s your preference of fishing style.
    2. numbers vs. quality
    3. Sparkly boat or no sparkles

    the last question is just to create a pissing contest I guess.

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  2. badrad's Avatar
    BB spinners live bait quality no sparkles

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  3. Vollmer's Avatar
    Both are good for spinners, and both are good for quality.

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  4. risingsun's Avatar
    Far less traffic at DL.

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  5. Vollmers's Avatar
    Sak for sure. DL is the dead sea plus a million boats!

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  6. risingsun's Avatar
    (Sak for sure. DL is the dead sea plus a million boats!). More tourneys on Sak. Head to Devils.

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  7. 8andcounting's Avatar
    Honest report from devils. It was on fire from about June 10th until about a 2 weeks ago . Now , some people are getting limits but lots are not . There’s fish deep and fish shallow but the bite isn’t what it was , still nice fish to be had but the little ones have moved in big time . I can’t speak for lake sak. But devils is no where near on fire right now . I’d honestly call it a little on the slow side for end of July . The day to day rythm isn’t there . They are here one day and gone the next

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  8. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    Van Hook would be my vote.

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  9. 1850reata's Avatar
    I was just on devils this last weekend. Stayed on the west end of the lake and four of us kept our possession limit of 14-18” fish with no problem at all pulling spinners. Hadnt been there in a couple years and i was actually surprised how fat they are this year. With devils google earth is your friend. Look back at pictures prior to it being full of water and you can find areas where they will stack up like stock ponds.

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