Red River 7-28-21

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I wish one week I could write this report and say something like “WOW” we got rain or this is happening. The low water continues to get lower with Grand Forks 430 cfs and Drayton just over 500 cfs. (The lowest I have ever fished at Grand Forks is 1,200 prior to this year.)

All in all, the fishing for the past few days has been really bad. Finding active fish is difficult with no current as there is just nothing to hold them. The way we fish up here from shore or anchored you are just hoping to put bait near a fish. There is also no way to make a scent trail from the bait. The key right now is to find current of any kind. If you find current you find fish. I have noticed that fish are liking being near wood. Keep an eye on your lines as fish will pick up the baits and run upstream due to lack of current. Spot sit times should be a minimum of 25-30 minutes and maybe even more to allow fish time to find the bait.

With fishing as tough as it has been no bait is coming out as a front runner or even a poor bait so try it all and see if something comes together for you.

Upcoming tournaments are Cats Incredible in East Grand Forks July 30/31 and Catfish Capital Challenge in Drayton August 6/7th. All are still accepting participants.

Until we get some flow or something changes I am no longer accepting trips for 2021

On a positive note, I was able to find a car on the bottom of the river at Grand Forks so that was exciting.
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Red River


  1. guywhofishes's Avatar
    yeesh - whodathunk we'd ever see such conditions again?

    (I've been fishing the Red since 1987)

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  2. Walleye_Chaser's Avatar

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  3. bigronnie96's Avatar
    Thanks for the reports. I am new to grand forks, not new to RRV and just started fishing. Your reports are a big help.

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  4. Captainbrad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bigronnie96
    Thanks for the reports. I am new to grand forks, not new to RRV and just started fishing. Your reports are a big help.
    Cats Incredible is going on in East Grand Forks this weekend. The bite appears to have improved significantly since last weekend. Stop on down and see some of the guys and say hi. Weigh in today is 3ish until finished and awards will be about 6.

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