Van Hook 7/31

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First time fishing Van Hook this year and it went so-so. We hit the water at 6:10am and we’re drowning worms on the south side of Shell Island by 6:30. There wasn’t a single boat out there besides us which was kind of odd, but like I said, this was my first time at Van Hook this year so maybe something has changed from years past.
We marked a ton of fish between 18’-20’ and not a single taker pulling smile blades, props, or Montana rigs. Decided to throw jigging raps on our way back and hardly saw a mark the whole run.
By then the boats were stacking up on the west side from Pouch all the way to 8lb. We started on the southern end and picked up a few keepers on jigging raps and jigs/crawlers. Kept moving north the rest of the morning and slowly filled the livewell. We caught 14”-22” walleye at all depths from 13’ to 35’. There really wasn’t any strategy or reasoning for how we fished today.
6 straight hours of targeting larger fish that were nowhere to be found.
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  1. NJL's Avatar
    Adding on to this report, we fished Van Hook 7/31 & 8/1 from 7:00-11:00.

    Saturday put in at Parshal and headed straight to shell island. Fished the north side from 16'-20', initially pulling cranks and then switched over to bouncers & spinners. Picked up a 18"+ fish and missed some others, but it was kinda slow. Then ran back to a couple humps just west of parshal bay and picked up a couple more smaller fish.

    Sunday ran just south of parshal bay and started pulling bouncers & spinners in 14'-19'. After about an hour or so we had caught over 20 fish, but only 5 of them were big enough to keep (~15"-16"). Then decided we'd spend the rest of the day going for quality, so we ran down to shell island again. Started on the north side almost on the very edge of the drop off to deep water, and meandered between 23'-27' pulling BB & spinners. Caught the rest of our limit of 18"-23" fish with a bonus 29" fatty that we released. There were a ton of boats down there, but they were all congregating at the very western tip of shell island. We mainly fished north east of them, covering most of the flat in that area. Other than 1 or 2 boats we were never within a few hundred yards of anyone else.

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  2. VoodooShaman's Avatar
    The "Van Hook way" is to herd fish. IE: fish by everyone else because that's where the fish must be. We fished by ourselves, not a boat within a 1/4 mile. Caught 84 walleye on Thursday, 83 on Friday and 75 Saturday. 2 person limit of 16 to 21" Thursday Friday and Saturday C and R only . The fish are spooky right now. Catch a handful then they're gone. Move a couple 100 yds and find them again.

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  3. v193's Avatar
    VOO DOO, i saw you clean fish herd fishermen you

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