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A couple of buddies and I fished on Saturday. We focused our efforts out towards the river, and ended up having a very fun day. We pulled cranks all day, and had our best luck in that 23-24 fow range, pulling flicker shads at 2.2-2.3 mph.

We worked a number of spots, and probably caught 50 'eyes on the day. I'd say over half of them were 16-16.5". Cookie cutter lunch fish, with a few smaller, and a few bigger, although we did not catch a single fish over 20" on the day.

The water temps are warm, of course, in that 75 degree range.

We did try some shallower stuff, but with very limited success.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. ORCUS DEMENS's Avatar
    Great report V. I too got the opportunity to get out there last night in the kayak. I was thinking the fish might be deep because of the high temperatures, but caught said same cookie cutter fish in 12' to 20'. Smile blades and chrome spinner. Double header in a kayak can be a S#!t show.

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  2. NodakEyeGuy's Avatar
    Great report! I managed to get into a few larger fish on some of the famous Van Hook area "honey hole" spots the last couple weeks by working deeper in that 24-30' range. Still a lot of the "fryers" but did manage a couple over 20" each time out with the largest being a 26" beauty.

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