Red River 8-25-21

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Rains last weekend brought flows up a little bit. It’s not enough to notice really on the gauges but if you are out there every day you notice it. The fish have responded to the little influx very positively. Still if you can find current you find more fish. They are still lined up on that inside shelf as well. It seems the active fish will go fairly quickly but don’t leave to fast as there might be another one along soon.

All baits were working with frog and frozen sucker being the best. I would give the edge to sucker but I don’t think it really matters.

The highlight of my week on the river was going back to shoot side imaging on some vehicles I found last week. Many have asked why I am finding more cars this year than in previous years. The answer is I normally have a pattern and don’t image all that much. I have been searching for fish and finding cars.
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Red River


  1. lunkerslayer's Avatar
    I was wondering if you find vehices, buildings, or other objects that shouldnt be in the river do you notify the authorites. I am just asking not judging bud . You would think someone would want to get that car out since there is most likely toxic liquids and materials that could leak into the water,

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