Missouri River - South Bismarck

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Photos of the rifle range ramp on Saturday. Fishing was not good for us.

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Missouri River


  1. zoops's Avatar
    Miss ya ol pal!

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  2. dukgnfsn's Avatar
    RIP, I miss it also, have fished out of that ramp over 30 years, a lot of memories tied to that ramp

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  3. Bfishn's Avatar
    Has anybody heard if they actually plan on doing anything to fix this? You would think with the water this low they could really do some work on it and make it usable again. Its really going to be a gong show in the spring without this ramp if they plan to just give up on it.

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  4. dukgnfsn's Avatar
    there is no way it would be ready for this spring or anytime in the near future, either going to have to relocate it up or down river in the bottoms or cut it way further into the current location. The crack across the parking lot when closed was in the middle of the parking lot at entrance. I haven't heard any plans to fix at this time

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  5. Sluggo's Avatar
    The water may be low but the water in front of the ramp was 40 feet deep. Agree that this ramp would probably need to be probably should be upstream, above the point where it comes barreling down into the shoreline. I have not heard of any plans to relocate it either. Probably add a ramp that just the vaxxed are allowed to use.

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  6. 628977's Avatar
    I say leave it out. Money saved for other projects and maybe a little less pressure on that section of river in the spring time.

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