Fall Bite Oahe

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I fished the Mobridge area last Thursday, with creek chubs, minnows, and even drug some BB around with crawlers. Now one was catching any that we heard. I know we caught no keeper walleye in the usual Mobridge fall spots.

Friday we went up the Moreau south of Mobridge. Wen quite a ways up in there, hit a bunch of points, fished from 8 fow to 40 fow. Got 2. Even tried snap weights and plugs in 30-40 fow.

What is the deal? Any action on the ND Side??
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Lake Oahe


  1. sdwxman's Avatar
    I fished the Moreau on Oct 16/17. I got a limit both days, but they weren't impressive, but I did manage a 21 incher. The lake isn't the same. Something is off with it.

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  2. Rowdie's Avatar
    Thank you for the information

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  3. sdwxman's Avatar
    I went out Friday afternoon, right around the railroad pillars near Mobridge, as well as the sunken grade, oak creek and the singing bridge. It was not very good. Lots of small walleyes and big white bass.

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  4. Lapper's Avatar
    Wow were there mid Oct as well. We had the same luck as you and then heard from another guy they were in less than 6 feet of water. Up the Moreau as well.

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  5. Rowdie's Avatar
    So they did well in less than 6 fow?

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  6. Kurtr's Avatar
    Last few weeks couple guys from town here been catching big fish. One was 12# 8 oz. Been blowing my snap up wanting me to go but it’s hunting season.

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