East End: Sakakawea

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Fished East Sak, for a chunk of the day, today. Pitching jig/minnow in 4-8 fow. We found a few, but for what we were seeing on the side imaging, I wouldn’t say we knocked it out of the park. Water temp, where we were at, was around 38 degrees. On the plus side, I moved my trolling batteries, and charger, from the front of the boat (under rod locker) to the back of the boat, plus added a 4” manual jack plate, and gained around 4 mph on the 2080.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Boat sit any differently in the water V with the batts in the back?

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  2. Fishmission's Avatar
    Good move. Adjusting weight load is a big deal.

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  3. Vollmer's Avatar
    Yes, I can now feel a slight lean to the left, due to the weight of the kicker, but it's not bad, and comes out of it quick as I get on plane.

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  4. Weekender's Avatar
    I fished the east end Wednesday and Thursday and have quite a different report than you. I couldn't find fish in less than 18', and couldn't get them to bite on the jig&minnow. Every fish I caught was on a jig and plastic, most of which in 20+ feet of water. Fishing was slow for me, but they were quality, one being a 6lber.

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  5. Paddledogger's Avatar
    Any reports on water temperatures back in some of the bays? Any ramp work on the east end?

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