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Does anyone know if the ramps at Beaver Bay are usable? Is there any site that gives a current report on usable boat ramps in the state? Thanks
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  1. eliminator's Avatar
    I came by there last week and the main ramp was probably 300 feet from the water and all stumps in the water that was there

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  2. Shockwave's Avatar
    I pulled the camper down there Friday and did some looking around. It looks like they're working on a low level ramp at Beaver Bay. The old low level ramp north of Beaver Bay (I think it's call Olhauser's) is not usable. I don't know know if they're going to build it back up or not. Hazelton had a ton of vehicles in the lot, and Cattail looked usable.

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  3. ndwalleyes's Avatar
    Was down there on Saturday. The main ramp in the camp ground area is unusable. The end of the ramp is 10-15 from the water. The ramp on the south side of the bride goes to the water, but couldn't see the end of the concrete...So not sure if it's usable. If you stand on the main ramp in the camp ground, you can see the old willow trees and such sticking out of the water in the center of the old bay. I'm not sure if you put in on the east side of the bridge if you could even get out to the main part of the lake.

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  4. Ericb's Avatar
    The ramp on the east side is definitely not usable. Not sure the accuracy but heard Hazelton was being shut down until they can dredge it.

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  5. Up Y'oars's Avatar
    Partially correct, Eric. Hazelton will be closed down, but only for one day while they dredge. I believe it will be usable again by this weekend.

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