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Fished Thursday morning, Friday morning, and Friday evening. The fish seem to have shifted deeper. Seemed that way for the spots we fished, anyway. I’m sure it’s possible to find shallower fish, but our best luck was on deep flats, 24-30 fow.

Did catch a few in 8 fow out on shell, but we caught far more in 25-28 fow.

Still pulling crawlers, and/or pitching jigging raps. Didn’t pull cranks, but that probably would have been the best tactic, as the fish were very spread out.

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Lake Sakakawea


  1. CatDaddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the report! Not sure which is better, the fish or your shirt!

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  2. tikkalover's Avatar
    That's a 14" fish. He hasn't gotten his "Ahab" picture taking skills perfected yet.

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  3. Vollmer's Avatar
    Saw the shirt in a store, and thought “oh, that’s me”.

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  4. Vollmer's Avatar
    I think it was a 21” fish, and I’ll never be on Ahab’s level … ever … in my whole life.

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  5. Vollmer's Avatar
    I almost want to take this post back, because last night and this morning we caught good numbers of nice walleye in 6-10 fow, pulling cranks.

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  6. Mudygmc's Avatar
    Anybody have any good info further west? I'm in the Tioga area and see lots of boats running around but haven't heard much. Get some days off work this week and would like to head out and get a meal or two. Any info would be great.

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  7. jdinny's Avatar
    fished van hook fri-sun. fishing cont to be very good. fish have moved deeper and there is more smaller fish showing up. We fished waaay north into the arm sunday morning and decided to give em cranks. we fished with flicker minnow 11 as well as flicker shad 5 with a 3oz snap. the quality of fish was significantly better with cranks. for whatever reason they wanted the small crank as we caught all 9 fish off the flicker shad 5 and 3oz snap combo. we only fished maybe 90 mins. but we boated a 26" fish and 3 over 22'" with cranks. we targeted 25ft with cranks and big flats there was not loads up fish but you caught what your marked.

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  8. Longtine's Avatar
    Awesome shirt.....very nice Eye....need to work on the smile, way to serious for a guy in the middle of a lake holding a fish like that

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