Devils Lake; Underwater Weed Beds and Crankbaits

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i am overdue for a fishing report. i've only been out three times since ice off for a few hours each time. but, twice in the last week. like always, it seems a fella can catch as many eater fish as you want pulling spinners and leeches or using a leech under a bobber or attached to a jig over the side of the boat just about anywhere on the lake. however, i've found the following to be a pretty good tactic this year and in years past:

once i've trolled spinners in an area long enough that i have the underwater weed bed defined, grabbing a good old CD9 or #5 shad rap and working the same weed line seems to produce much bigger fish. of course they aren't as plentiful. but, they tend to be much much bigger.

so, my advice in short... find the windy shoreline, find the weeds on said shoreline, get the weedline defined and then bust out the crankbaits. it takes some time and patience. but, the rewards are worth the efforts.

Good luck and tight lines!


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    Totally agree.

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    That's a stellar fishing report!

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    Just saw this after posting a question asking about some tips for DL. Good information! How deep have you been fishing, or does it not sseem to matter?

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    last two times were just outside of weed beds that were completely submerged. i would say the weeds were 5 feet tall in 7-8 feet of water. i had my boat out in thirteen and was casting into 7 feet or so. but, earlier this year, we were tossing into 2 feet of water before weeds got developed. i would imagine you could still fish that shallow if you could find weedless pockets or wanted to toss slip bobbers into the weeds or use some kind of weedless rig.

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