Bitter Lake, SD

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Getting sloppy as you can imagine. Season's pretty much wrapping up - but they were driving diesels on and permanents were all over the place. I was shocked.

Fished it with a bunch of party animals this Fri-Sat. I relied on my snowmobile rather than drive around with the truck.

Slow action in 20 FOW Friday. Got lucky the next day and found a bunch of active 14-17" walleyes in 12-14 FOW in front of some flooded trees. Forage minnow and waxies worked best - minnow heads too. They chased it up just like a perch. Tease them up 3' and wham. Great fun on light perch tackle.

Lots of geese of every make moving North. Great to hear/see that natural wonder.

Looked for perch - a lot - in all depths and didn't connect with a single one. Guide said he's caught three all year.
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  1. snow's Avatar
    Bitter is a fav of mine,has been for years,most locals head to the flooded trees,we have a couple honey holes not far from the access on the east side that always produces perch and nice walleyes as a rule.Enemy swim is stellar as well for panfish once you get it figured out.Great area Guy,thanx for the post.

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