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How does one walk onto the rock jeddy at captain freddys without pissing off the people at the apartment complex?
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Missouri River


  1. Up Y'oars's Avatar
    Well, I'd say that the riprap does not belong to the complex, so fishing there is not illegal. However, where you're parking at and getting to the rocks is another thing. As someone that lives there if you could walk along the property line as the resident gets in/out of their car. As long as you carry a rod/reel vs. looking like a thief might be acceptable! Hell, maybe they would want a filet for the trouble. I do that with landowners when hunting pheasant. Share that harvest!

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  2. leier12's Avatar
    Well i was fishing there and managed to catch a good sized one on the rocks behind the complex but then the cops told me i couldnt be fishing there but that i could fish i the rock jeddy itself but not the the riprap behind the building, i didnt bother to ask the officer how to get around there because i was more so annoyed on how someone would call the cops on someone fishing on the rocks below the flood line. I know there are fish there and would like to fish it again if i can figure out how to get to the jeddy without upsetting people

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  3. You's Avatar
    everyone has the right of access up to the high water mark. it doesn't matter who paid for the rap (they had to have it corp approved in the first place)

    HIGHLY likely you were good to go on those rocks no matter what the police told you

    access the area via the shore and rip rap from the park under/closer to the bridge

    a guy has been fishing the jetty every morning the past few days

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  4. leier12's Avatar
    I know about the whole core thing I just don't want the cops to come back and get me for trespassing and then have to go to court and all that garbage. So ill have to try and walk down from the north haha.

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  5. Sluggo's Avatar
    You can always contact the cops yourself and ask them the best way to access that area. Then if Joe cop shows up you can inform him that you talked to Bob cop previously.

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  6. guywhofishes's Avatar
    goodness - grumpy people live there

    hey - you stupid fisherpeople - get off my rocks!

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  7. tikkalover's Avatar
    Guy is that picture of you? If it is your much older then I imagined!!

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  8. dean nelson's Avatar
    Don't worry about the cops they were introduced to the law of the land last night. My buddy got off work and had little time to kill so we went to the closest spot we knew. About a hour later here comes the cops. They booted a few kids that were next to us on the riprap. When the cops got to us i informed him of the law and that the owner can bitch all day long about how they bought those rocks because once they pass the ordinary high water mark they are on public property. In this case that works out to be about four feet up from the water right now or about 1/3 the way up. The cops were getting sick of the guy with that being the third time he had called them this spring. I told the cop to inform priq boy that if he wants to keep being an ass we would be more then willing to get the game and fish involved and press charges for harassment. Also for reference the corp doesn't control river access through town. Most people dont relize just how open the river really is in town. If a guy wanted he could stand on that jetty in the fall and shoot geese and pigeons. Oh and the fishing sucked last night we only caught a total of three in three hours all dinks.

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    Updated 03-11-2016 at 09:34 PM by dean nelson
  9. NodakBuckeye's Avatar
    Sounds like a great place to have an NDA outing

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  10. svnmag's Avatar
    Is the jetty 440 yds from an occupied building?

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  11. dean nelson's Avatar
    It's about 100 yards but 440 does not apply

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