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A few buddies, and myself, fished the NewTown area yesterday. We tried all over, starting way South of the bridge, then going North of the bridge, then back South.

The further South the better, it seemed. We really did not even mark much North of the bridge.

We ended up with a handful of nice eyes. We started by graphing in the 30 fow range, but the ones we found were actually in the 15-17 fow range.

Jigging Raps was the best for us.

Side note: I had a buddy that did well on 8lb Sunday.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. dblkluk's Avatar
    We were also south of the bridge the middle last week and it was slow for us. It appeared as if the lake had turned over recently, with lots of algae and low water clarity compared to a week earlier.

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  2. Brett58852's Avatar
    Going to hit the Van Hook area for the last time tomorrow before winterizing the boat.
    Any recent reports or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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