Big Walleyes with Soft Plastics

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May 15, 2023 at 5:52 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Big walleyes with soft plastics in South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes Region. Jason Mitchell joins guide Marcus Quam from Reel Therapy Guide Service. Early season walleye fishing in shallow water right after the spawn. Positioning the boat in seven to eight feet of water targeting wind blown shorelines of rock and gravel in shallow bays with warmer surface temperatures.

The top presentation ended up being a 3/16th ounce Northland Slurp jig head rigged with an Impulse Paddle Tail Smelt Minnow. The jig and plastic was paired up with six pound high vis monofilament which causes the jig to hang and glide more which is important in cold water that is less than sixty degrees. Tips for finding spring walleye along with tips for using soft plastics to catch walleye.

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