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  1. BP338
    Let's see your bow set up.

    Here's mine:

    Mathews Z7, Cobra Stealth Plus 5 pin sight, Whisker biscuit rest and True Fire Hurricane release. Shooting 5575 GT XT Hunters with blazer vanes. I haven't decided which broadheads I am going to shoot out of this bow yet. Usually just shoot the good ol' Thunderheads but I'm leaning toward Randy Ulmer's broadhead. I'll be deciding soon...

    [IMG] windows 7 screenshot[/IMG][IMG] free upload pictures[/IMG][IMG] image hosting 5mb[/IMG]

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  2. Vollmer
    I like your setup, I'll have to get pics of mine up.

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  3. arrowdem
    i will post pics later, but i shoot an elite hunter 2012 with a QAD ultra rest CBE 3 pin hybrid site easton injexions and killzone broad heads.. love this set up, most comfortable and confident i have ever been with a bow set up!

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  4. dust in the wind
    dust in the wind
    #1 Mathews Helim - Custom Black Gold Surge, trophy taker smackdown pro rest, carbon express blue streaks and 125 grain slick tricks

    #2 Obsession Knightmare - Custom black gold vengeance, trophy taker smackdown pro rest, black eagle carnivores with 100 grain QAD exodus heads.

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  5. MathewsZman
    Brought home my namesake 5 years ago today . After this week end I'll have 30,000 shots fired with it .

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  6. Account Deleted
    Account Deleted
    BP338, last fall I shot a broadside coyote with an Ulmer Edge at about 35 yards. The coyote stopped it cold and the arrow broke in half. Did not get a pass through and didn't recover the coyote. I am DONE with expandables.

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  7. BotnoJoe
    Mathews Creed XS
    Trophy Ridge 5 pin sight
    QAD Droprest
    Beestinger Stabilizer
    Trufire release
    Rage Hypodermic Broadheads
    Easton Carbon Arrows

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  8. RustyTackleBox
    hoyt nitrum 34
    71# draw
    qad ultra rest
    black gold 3 pin slider sight
    6" bee stinger stabilizer
    3 arrow tight spot quiver

    my current arrow setup is a black eagle carnivore 350 spine, 3 fletch aae max stealth, 50g gold tip fact weight behind the insert, 125g broadhead, either grim reapers or ram cats - flies at 280fps - 430 grains total weight

    my arrow for next year - day 6 arrow 250 spine, aae max stealth, 200g cutthroat broadheads - I am not concerned with speed as much as penetration that being said this arrow will fly at about 245fps - will be 600-625 grains

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