I'm going to lose 100lbs

  1. NPO_Aaron
    I'm going to lose 100lbs. Today I felt heavy just standing. That's going to change. I'll post again after I get there.


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  2. guywhofishes
    wow - you sound determined!

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  3. Kurtr
    Do your self a favor and check out dolce diet. Great food plan that you don’t starve your self and is conducive to a life style change not just a yo-yo crash diet

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  4. njsimonson
    I hope you do, and I hope you keep us updated on your progress instead of just waiting for the end! Fight the war in incremental battles, say a pound or two a week - even sometimes just focusing on eating the right meals, and not snacking on garbage is a win, share those victories from week to week or month to month - it's fun to look back and see the changes. I went from 205 to 180 over 8 months in 2011, and it was cool to take a photo every month and see how my body changed with the program I was on. It's a journey, not a destination, as the cliche goes.

    I can tell you this, since July 12 going low-carb and going 4x strength (P90X weights & plyo) and 2-3x runs per week, everything just fits better. While the number on the scale is what I've always obsessed over, it's having some room in pants and better fitting shirts that are the real reward. The hardest thing to give up was beer and wine, but the social part of summer is over, so that made it a bit easier, but as I drink one or two to relax and for the taste now (and don't drink hard liquor), it is greatly missed! Plus alcohol KILLS my middle-aged metabolism, so that had to be my sacrifice.

    Keep up the good work, cut what you can and know that trying to lose weight doesn't happen in a straight line - it takes time and goes up and down as your body changes.

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  5. BP338
    I'm going to make some more changes too. Need to lose a lot. Would like to lose about 65-70lbs. It would be nice to get down to my graduation weight but probably not going to happen. Here we go!

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