1. Petras
    How many of you guys hunt suppressed? Back in march i pulled the trigger on a can through the local gunshop. I got sick of the wait, so I decided to try my luck at an Efile Form 1 and a homemade suppressor. I submitted the initial form back in the beginning of august and sent my print card in. The got my prints around the 15th, and then denied my first submission the 16th of september because of a flub up on my part. I resubmitted the form last night, emailed the "ask the experts" people from the E-file site and asked them to transfer my print card to my new application. This morning I got an email saying my application had been approved. 10 hours is all it took. By the end of the day I should be finished with the suppressor and ready to shoot. the average wait time is about 33 days for an efile Form 1 for a Trust so if any of you guys are looking at getting into a suppressor that is the route I would go.

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