Wyoming Elk

  1. Kurtr
    Going to start a discussion on each state. With how the draw works and preference points and hunting strategies

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  2. NIC
    I drew an area 98 type 1 tag this year for Wyoming, I think it takes about 3 PP on average to draw. I'm sure there are years where it is a good unit, but with being restricted from entering the wilderness area it is way too weather dependent. We went out the first time for the week of September 8th to archery hunt and the weather was upper 70's at 9200', we saw two bulls but didn't hear a bugle the whole time out there. Decided to go back out for the early rifle season which started on the 20th. Got out there on Saturday the 22nd and a forest fire had just started earlier that day, we decided with the location of the fire and the direction of the wind that we would be safe so we took off up the mountain. We hunted Saturday night an all day Sunday and saw two spikes and by Sunday night the smoke was getting so thick that it was miserable to hunt in so we decided to end our hunt. We thought that we would maybe go back the end of October for one last try at a bull, but the weather was unseasonably warm and the elk were still mostly up in the wilderness area so we decided against it. Our tags are still good for a cow till sometime in January, we may or may not try later this winter for a cow. To sum up my thoughts I will say that going forward I will most likely hunt General Units in Wyoming due to the fact that you have way more options on where you can go in case of unseasonable weather or localized events like forest fires. I think there is some really good General Season archery hunting areas in the NW part of the state, the problem is contending with the grizzly bears. That is probably where I will be focusing my research for my next trip out there.

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