Ackeley improved and wildcat cartridges

  1. lunkerslayer
    So is there a big advantage to an AI? What i have read is that AI example 280 can shoot either the shoot wildcat or the standard round. So unless I am willing to reload my own rounds is there a big difference beside the initial cost of buying

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  2. Downrigger
    Unless you are handloading I wouldn't get the wildcat. The pros to the 280 AI is all from the steeper shoulder allowing for more capacity and velocity. It is minimal at around 150 fps based on my first hand experience. Experts (not myself) day that you will get better case life. The load has also been easy to handload and is forgiving from what I have found. If you read up on it you will find that in a lot of the articles as well. My brother shot his cow elk at 475 yards on Thursday with his and it didn't go 10 yards. But, I think the standard .280 would have done that as well.

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  3. lunkerslayer
    Your brother shoots a 280 AI, I want a 280 myself where did he buy his what is the manufacturer tell me some features of it like barrel, scope, stock, type of shells.

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  4. Downrigger
    He purchased the Kimber Hunter. I'm not sure where he bought it but my guess is Outdoorsman or Scheels in Fargo. It has the 24" barrel and weighs 5.65 lbs according to Cabelas. He put on a Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50 30MM CDS for the scope. He is shooting a 160 gr Nosler Partician.

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  5. Downrigger
    The 280 AI walloped a 4x5 bull elk in Montana last month. He's been real happy with the performance. Didn't get to spread its legs as the shot was 250 yards.

    I'm putting a scope on my new 30-378 next month. Going to be an exciting winter for me!

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  6. Wildyote
    Ackley catridges usually offer a significant velocity increase, in many cases accuracy improvement with powder burn and brass last longer.

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