Hunt test season

  1. Kurtr
    Does any one else on here do hunt tests? i will be going to my first one in custer june 4-5 running started then up to bismark june 19-20. Hope all the work and prep pays off. I am really looking forward to it. The goal this year is to get through seasoned

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  2. Kurtr
    well last weekend was out last hunt test we got our seasoned title on saturday. We ran with the big dogs at finished on sunday made it through the water series and then due to handler error were out on land on the blind. Never used a handle on any mark and banks did his job i just didnt blow the whistle at the right time.

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  3. shorthairman
    Never have even been to a hunt test. I would love to go watch some time though, as far as I know, there is nothing close to my area so a drive would be required. Also, I don't have enough knowledge to train a dog to enter. Trainer ineptness would be the downfall of my dog...
    I love following your successes though Kurt...good job and keep it up!

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  4. Kurtr
    Well just a few short weeks away from starting to go for our finished title in Custer. It been a long wait to get back in the water and my friend that got me into this moved down to tennesse so been doing alot on my own. Hope we are ready to run with the big dogs

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  5. Kurtr
    Got our first finished pass on saturday at the mount rushmore hrc test in custer. It was a tough test and sunday the wheels fell off a little bit and went out on water but he came back and crushed the land series just not enough to dig us out of the hole. Going 1 for 2 and being the second youngest dog to run and me being new to game i am pretty dang proud of what we have accomplished so far. My heart rate never dropped bellow 125 on saturday for 6 hours i was wound tight and banks could tell as he was on fire and ready to roll. Two weeks and we try again in bismark.

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