Deepwater at Sakakawea - Multispecies Mayhem After May

Deepwater at Sakakawea - Multispecies Mayhem After May
Deepwater at Sakakawea - Multispecies Mayhem After May (32 min 00 sec)
06-13-2021 at 03:48 PM
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Deepwater Bay at Lake Sakakawea is off the hook with multispecies mayhem today! We caught 20 walleye, 18 smallmouth bass, 4 northern pike, 2 catfish, 1 carp and one GIANT mystery fish was hooked! On top of the amazing action, we got to meet and fish with a true inspiration in the fishing world of North Dakota, 14-year-old, Lunker Luke Outdoors.

A huge thanks to Brett Bloemendaal of Bloemendaal Guide Service for connecting us all to the gilled action! Check out his website and book a trip with him if you feel the need to catch some fish at

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Fish Montage
1:35 Sunken Boat
2:03 Walleye Hooked Up
2:29 Walleye #1 Brett
2:55 Walleye #2 Luke
3:28 Catfish/Pike Double
5:35 Walleye #3 Brett
6:19 Carb Brett
7:10 Smallmouth Bass Brett
8:20 Pike Randy
9:03 Smallmouth Bass Randy
9:20 Smallmouth Bass Brett
9:35 Guide-Talk
10:20 Mystery Fish Randy
13:45 Smallmouth Double Brett & Randy
14:45 Brett's Hook Set w/ Double
16:15 Catfish/Smallmouth Double Randy & Luke
17:45 Smallmouth Brett
18:05 Technique Used
18:20 Smallmouth Brett
18:30 Smallmouth Brett
20:25 Pike Randy
20:45 Walleye Brett
21:25 Walleye Brett
22:20 Walleye Brett
24:00 Fish Montage w/ Doubles
27:05 Double Smallie Release
27:40 Smallmouth Luke
27:50 Walleye Brett
28:35 It's Over!
29:10 Walleye Brett
29:20 Send Us Packing?
30:02 Total day recap
31:25 Outro
32:09 It's Over! It's all over finale.
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